Model Magic Bird

Model Magic BirdThis little bird may not look like it, but he represents about a year of trial and error with afterschool clay and playdough classes. I knew there was an interest in sculptural projects, but how to cover the wide range of abilities and projects that need to be finished in one class? Well, this little character that I found online was simple enough for even kinders to understand, but had enough steps to keep 36 students engaged for about 45 minutes. So now, it’s on to seeing how many more fun, cartoonish characters I can come up with.

  1. Students were given a walnut size piece of yellow play dough for making two feet. They had to split the ball in half for each foot, and make three little toes from each.
  2. A golf ball size blue ball was given for the body. It was rolled smooth and then the feet were stuck under it.
  3. A yellow pea size ball was given to make the triangle shaped beak.
  4. A walnut size white ball was given to make the two eyes, which were stuck on top. A black Sharpie was used to make the center dots.
  5. A grape size ball of yellow was given to make the eyelids.
  6. A grape size ball of blue was given to make the top hat.

    P.S. It may seem tedious to hand out each small amount of play dough, but I have found that keeps the students on task and attach all their parts as they make them. The Model Magic is wonderfully sticky when it comes right out of the package, but starts to loose it’s grip after 30 minutes or so, and small parts are more likely to fall off.


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