Home Brewed Haunted House

Haunted+HouseInstant coffee makes a great paint that is inexpensive and the perfect brown for this time of year. I thought a haunted house would be a good subject matter because of all the moody brown tones that could be created.

1. Students dissolve bits of instant coffee with water on a plate. The house is ‘drawn’ with a paintbrush, which allows for lots of thick and thin lines. The horizon line is first, then the house is outlined with as many sections and add-ons as possible. Skinny trees add lots of atmosphere.2. After the outlines were done, the students filled in the painting by making as many different values of brown as they could. The finished painting was to have a range of white, light brown, to dark brown when complete. Students loved this project – and how else can you get cheap instant paint that even is shiny after it dries?


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