Free Halloween Coloring Page

halloween coloring page

halloween coloring pageI have to admit, I pulled this out of my archives from four years ago. Time has moved so fast it seems Halloween came right after Easter this year.

Or is it just me?

I barely got the Halloween boxes unpacked when I realized there are only a few days left!

But I did manage to unearth this free Halloween coloring page so you have something to keep your hands busy . . . and out of the candy. (Good luck with that one.)

As I mentioned, this witch and cauldron is from four years ago when it was posted with a painting tutorial. And I highly recommend you try your hand at painting because there are a bunch of fun, easy tips in the post.

witch-coloring-pageDownload free Halloween coloring page

Frankly, coloring takes just as long . . . if not longer . . . than painting. At least that’s what I’ve found.

I guess I’m still in the “result” mode instead of the “enjoy the process” of coloring. Actually my favorite thing is sketching coloring pages or doodles, as I like to call them.

(Takes the pressure off drawings being perfect.)

halloween coloring pageWhether  you paint or color, have fun with this free Halloween coloring page! You certainly don’t need to follow my colors, I just wanted to give you a little headstart.

Happy Halloween!


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