Matchbox Barn and Turkey

Matchbox TurkeyHere’s another matchbox art idea – making a turkey from pom poms and felt, and keeping him in a box colored to look like a barn. This may be more craftsy than artsy, but I’m all for teaching kids that making their toys is so much more rewarding than buying them.

• View and download Matchbox Art Template

• View and download Matchbox Barn Sleeve

PREP: Print a box, sleeve and insert for each student on cardstock paper. Trim out with a paper cutter. For my class of K – 4th grade, I prefolded a box as I knew it was a little too advanced for them.

  1. Students draw their sleeve design and color with marker.
  2. Students draw their insert design and color with marker.
  3. The insert is folded and placed in the box, and the sleeve is folded, taped closed and slid over the box.
  4. Students use pom poms, felt, markers and craft glue to make a turkey.
  5. Time to play!

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