Giving Thanks with Special Weekend Discounts

black friday deals

giving thanks

I’m so excited to be Giving Thanks to you, my readers, this weekend. After a tumultuous year I’ve spent the past couple of months rubbing my nose raw on the grindstone. Which means, I can now offer some super good deals for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Sunday is included as a gimme.

Here are the deals –

  • 50% off all custom Pet Portraits in my Etsy Shop

  • Buy 1 get 1 FREE of all coloring pages, watercolor clipart and digital downloads in Etsy Shop.

I have two different Etsy shops, one for portraits and one for digital downloads, if that wasn’t apparent.

To receive the Pet Portrait discount, simply enter code GIVINGTHANKS and you’ll automatically receive 50% off.

For the Digital Downloads, go to the Shop and choose two you like, purchase 1, then email me your 2nd choice. ( I’ll email you the 2nd download for FREE!

Keep in mind once you download any coloring page, art print or clipart you can use them over and over and over again! It’s not a one-time deal. I’ll be listing more items all this week so keep checking! If there’s a painting you’ve had your eye on and don’t see it in the shop, let me know and I’ll try to add it as an art print.

Also, Pet Portraits make wonderful gifts. If you prefer to gift a portrait, once you purchase the size desired, I’ll email you a gift certificate for your loved one.

If you have any questions at all, just leave a comment here, or email me –

Remember, these offers are only good from

Friday, November 27 to Monday, November 30

I hope you’ll do some shopping with me for gifts, even if it’s for yourself. After that, you’ll have to wait ’til the December for more goodies.

I’m giving thanks to you, my wonderful, loyal readers. I had no idea when I started blogging six years ago how vitally important it would become to me. Writing is cathartic and it has kept me going when many, many times I wanted to give up. However I promised my husband I’d continue blogging a few weeks before he died, not knowing he would soon be gone. Then I promised my brother the same thing before he passed. Both of them loved my work – both writing and art – and were my biggest fans. Except for maybe my mother.

With all three of them gone now, continuing has been more challenging than ever. As many widows and others who’ve lost loved ones say, “I don’t like this new ‘normal’”. I totally agree but I also counsel them to consider starting a blog about their passion. They generally give me a polite smile that says, “what are you talking about?”

As there is no way to explain what grief feels like, there’s also no way to articulate what having friends and readers mean, particularly when you’ve never met them and likely never will.

The support and love that comes from your comments oftentimes is the one thing that keeps me going when I can’t find much else. I’m guessing you didn’t know that, did you?

Without turning this into a mushfest, I want to take advantage of this traditional shopping weekend by offering special discounts on my own work.

And thank you with all my heart for hanging in there with me.



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