Free Coloring Christmas Gift Tags

coloring christmas tags

coloring christmas tagsI have a last minute gift for you. Or for you to give to others. Or both! I drew six Coloring Christmas Gift Tags for you to color yourself or give to someone else who likes to color.

Or both! You can download and print as many as you like, which comes in handy if you don’t have time this week to sit down and color. Although coloring a few minutes here and there might really lessen some of the holiday stress.



Usually sketching is a stress reliever for me, and while I loved sketching these Christmas gift tags, they wound up being a a bit of a stressor. I wanted them to be smallish, two inches wide. But when I printed them out you would’ve needed a magnifying glass to color, the details were so small.


Plan B.


I enlarged them to approximately 4 x 5″ hoping they’d still be in scale with a package. Or a Starbuck’s bag.

Plan B was working, I thought. My original idea was to give them to you for free then post them in my Etsy shop with a few extras.

coloring-Christmas-tagsWhich meant I’d have to color them since photos speak louder than words and a plain black and white pattern isn’t as appealing as a colored gift tag.

Plan C.

By now I’ve sketched, inked, edited in Photoshop, printed, enlarged in PS, printed again and began coloring.

Somewhere in the mix I lost a week. Seriously. I had my work calendar all laid out – or so I thought – and I woke up the other morning and it was December 18. EIGHTEENTH! As in ONE week until Christmas!



Forget about listing them in Etsy. Forget about coloring them all in. Forget about decorating the house. (I have two trees up with lights, no ornaments, and garland on the mantel. Done and done.)


I ditched all those plans (stressors) and immediately felt relief. Sure, I wish I had posted these for you two weeks ago but better late than never. And the great things about printables is, once you download them, you have them on your computer for whenever you want.

So let’s get to it –



coloring Christmas tagsPage 1 – Coloring Christmas Gift Tags


All you need is some cardstock or 500 lb. cover paper (which I used), a printer, scissors, a hole punch, colored pencils or markers and then download the links. The first page has 4 up – four tags.

coloring christmas tagsPage 2 – Christmas Coloring Tags

Click on either the photo or the links below them to get the hi resolution printables.

coloring-Christmas-tagsThen all you need to do is decide whether you want to color with pencils or markers. I happen to love Tombow Markers. The fine tip is great for intricate – or small – designs. The colors are rich and brilliant. But you can also blend them or dilute them to get a watercolor effect like I did on these peonies.

Colored pencils are great too, and you can blend them (which I’ll show you soon), but sharpening them tests anyone’s patience.

coloring-Christmas-tagsI hope you enjoy coloring these Christmas tags.

Trust me, coloring this time of the year is not only fun, it also is a great stress reliever. My gift to you.

Merry Christmas my friends!



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