Color Mixing Birdies

Color Mix BirdiesThis is one of my ‘keeper” kinder projects, so much more fun than painting a boring color wheel.

    1. Give students wide sheet of paper as shown. Have them first trace a circle in the center, then one on the left and one on the right. They add beaks, eyes, wings, feet and tail as shown.
    1. Students use a black Sharpie to trace their birds. They color the beaks and grass with a crayon.
    1. Students get a container with a tiny bit of yellow tempera and paint the right bird. They wipe the brush clean, and then get a squirt of red in the same container. The left bird is painted red. Then they take a brush full of red paint, and mix it with all the yellow to make orange. The middle bird is filled in. It takes very little red added to yellow to make orange, so it helps to try to control the ratio.

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