Make a Truffula Tree


I was inspired by Dr. Suess’ colorful Lorax Truffula Trees, which I recreated here with just some twigs, yarn, paint and a little clay.


1. Collect thin twigs that are fairly straight and mount them in a small amount of clay. Let dry overnight.
2. Paint twigs with white acrylic paint and the clay base with green.
3. Starting with an approximate 3″ x 5″ piece of corrugated cardboard, wrap yarn around it many, many times until it looks like the photo above.
4. Thread a length of yarn to go inside the loop and tie together very tight. Wrap and tie again to keep yarn secure.
5. Turn cardboard over and cut to release yarn from cardboard.
6. The yarn will be varying lengths, so trim to make them all the same so they look more like a round pom pom.
7. To make the pom poms “furrier”, hold the center securely and rub ends with a brush. Repeat until all the ends have been separated to look soft.
8. Mix up a gray paint and add stripes to the white twigs. Let dry.
9. Carefully stick twigs into center of pom pom. Arrange and enjoy your forest of Truffula trees!

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