Free March Watercolor Calendar

free March calendar

free March calendarHappy March, my friends! I don’t know if it’s spring-like where you are but we’ve had a couple weeks of simply gorgeous weather. That, coupled with Easter coming early on March 27 inspired me to do a Free March Watercolor Calendar.




If you’re still buried with winter weather, I feel for you. Maybe downloading one of these phone calendars might add a little ‘spring’ to your life.




There’s a tutorial coming on this too because these spring flowers were painted with watercolor pencils. If you haven’t used them yet, I think you’ll love them. With things being just a wee bit chaotic around here, I haven’t had the chance to properly shoot a tutorial, but I’ll get to it soon.




In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these calendars.




free droid calendarAndroid Calendar




iphone calendariPhone Calendar




iphone5 calendariPhone5 Calendar




If these aren’t fitting your phone, please let me know. My phone is 4 years old so it’s time for a new one but I haven’t decided on which model yet. I’m kinda used to the old one and, you know, new technology can be, um, a test of patience. To put it mildly.




I’ve had plenty of those in my life lately. I prefer easiness right now, ha!




Will talk soon and have this tutorial for you.




Happy March!











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