Spiral Snake Pattern

Snake with colorA tip from a teacher led me to this coil snake project, which I have recreated on my computer. The original called for drawing on paper plates, but I prefer to print my pattern shown 110 lb. stock to save a whole lotta time.


• View and download Pattern Snake PDF file

1. Kinder students and older can color in this snake from head to tail and identify their coloring pattern (A-B-A-B, or A-B-C, or A-A-B-B, etc.) When complete, additional line patterns may be added as well as shown on my sample HERE. The easiest way is for students to decide which pattern goes on which color (hearts on red sections, for instance) and proceed until all the sections have matching line patterns.
2. When finished, students cut out the snake on the thick black line. The head is taped to a string and hung so the snake will turn and spin as this example HERE.

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