Spring Blossoms Printable Patterns




Hello again! If you think back to my last post – way way back – I promised a tutorial on the March Watercolor flowers with watercolor pencils. Since we’ll be drawing with the pencils you’ll need these Spring Blossoms Printable Patterns.


Normally I’d have the patterns with the tutorial but my life has been anything but normal of late. I’m not complaining, mind you. But . . . wowza. I don’t know how mothers with young ones blog . . . or get laundry done for that matter!


I have been getting some work done, just not for the blog. I’m planning on changing that soon because there’s so much I want to share with you. But let’s start with these patterns. If you click on the above photo with all the patterns it’ll take you to Dropbox where you can print them off. You might be able to enlarge some of them, but I’m not sure.


If you have any problems, just email me.


daffodil-patternDaffodil Pattern


I’ve painted daffodils a few different ways and I’m working on a watercolor right now, but here’s how to paint daffodils with acrylics and get a watercolor effect.


iris patternIris Pattern


How to Paint Purple Iris was one of my earliest tutorials but it’s still a good one for acrylic paints.


I could go on and on but all you need to do is search a particular flower in my blog’s search box and you’ll probably find a tutorial for acrylic paint.


Now I’m focusing – and loving – watercolors. Not so easy to do a still photograph tutorial with them though. Which means . . . . duh-duh-duh-DUH – videos! I even went to my storage and found my camera tripod. Now all I need is a quiet day, ha ha.


I promise I’ll have the watercolor pencil tutorial up soon. In the meantime, feel free to use the Spring Blossom Printable Patterns for other projects.


Sorry, you’ll have to add your own stems and leaves.





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