Ceramic Bird Nest

10 lrHere’s a preview project from my new ebook collaboration with ceramic artist Jenni Ward. She has 20+ years of teaching, along with her own successful fine art career, so this book is coming from an expert in the field. I love this simple nest and eggs idea, which will be included in her upcoming “Create with Clay Two”. Below is a link to her first ebook, which is now available in my PDF Shop.


• View Create with Clay eBook




1 lr


1.Take a piece of clay and roll it to make a smooth ball.


2 lr



2. Make it into a pinch pot by pushing your thumb into the center of the sphere.


3 lr



3. Continue squeezing around the sides until you have a bowl shape.


4 lr



4. Collect various tools to scratch the surface of your clay (wire tool, fork, comb…)


5 lr


5. Create a rough texture all over the outside bowl with one of your tools.


6 lr



6. Finish the nest by scratching the inside surface as well.


7 lr



7. Small pieces of clay are collected for the eggs.


8 lr


8. Roll small spheres of clay in your hands and gently pinch one end to form the egg shape.




9 lr


9. Dry the nest and eggs  completely, bisque fire, glaze, and then glaze fire.




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