Model Magic Miner

Aiden's Miner copyHere’s another idea of something to try with Model Magic. Just keep in mind that this figure was made by a ridiculously talented 4th grader, and is not what should be expected of a elementary school student, or even middle school. I expect to see Aidan S.’s art in a museum some day. He made this figure in about 30 minutes today, all just from memory.


So, back to the project. These students were studying the Gold Rush, so they were instructed to make figures from that era. They used a round clothes pin as a form for the Model Magic, and added a base so that it would stand. One smart move that Aidan here made was to mix the colors with gray to dull them down. When complete, the figures were covered with Mod Podge spray to keep them from getting dull and cracked.


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