Cell Phone Holder Stand Review





Bloggers get many offers to review products but it’s pretty rare that I accept an offer.


cell-phone-holder-standThen I saw a photo of this cell phone holder stand. It really intrigued me. I mean really, we use cell phones for a lot of things now . . . but rarely a phone.


I won’t go down the entire list but certainly taking and sharing photos is certainly at the top of it. Blogger or not. Still pictures or videos, we take them and share them with friends and family and post them online to share with even more people.


There is Facetime and Snapchat and I don’t even know all of the phone chatting apps.


Because I don’t use them.


I rarely post a selfie, simply for the reason I can’t hold the phone still.




All of that has changed with this cell phone holder stand. There are so many times I’d like to share a quick painting technique without getting out the big camera and the tripod.


This cell phone holder stand solves so many issues, it’s unbelievable. You can clamp it on a table nearly 3″ thick. The flexible arm allows so many angles it’s amazing. (including selfies)


cell-phone-holder-standThe camera can rotate 360 degrees in a breeze with the little ball attachment. In fact, that was the only thing I had to put together – inserting the ball into its holder.


The only thing this cell phone holder stand doesn’t do is take the pictures. I’m thrilled with it!




It even comes with a cell phone holder for people like me who can never find their phone.


I highly recommend this cell phone holder stand for anyone who takes photos with their phone. Thank you Tomoson for allowing me to review this great device.







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