Self Portraits, Modigliani Style

ModiglianiModigliani was an Italian artist that lived in the early 1900s, known for an exaggeration of necks and soulful faces in his richly painted portraits. This is a very fun way to push the idea, and I find that it somehow frees students up in their drawing. They don’t worry so much about making an exact replica of themselves. They have fun with it, and I think are infinitely more creative because of it.

    1. Students get a 6″ x 18″ sheet of black construction paper and fold in half twice to make four sections.
    1. Their portrait is drawn in pencil, using the Modigliani proportions shown on the board. Even the eyes are pushed up a bit on the head, and the lips down.
    1. All the lines are traced with a black oil pastel.
    1. Everything is colored in heavily with oil pastels.

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