Book Preview at Art Retreat 2016

2016 RetreatIf you’re daydreaming about doing something creative this summer, would love to be pampered while you do it, and don’t like crowds, consider signing up for my 3rd annual Art Retreat in Hickory Valley, TN. It will be held for a nice long weekend, July 7-10, for a maximum of 10 guests in an historic bed and breakfast. I’ll not only be sharing some of my favorite new art techniques (see flyer) but I also have another special announcement to make as well. I’ve been moonlighting on a special book project for the last few months with Quarry Books, after they approached me last fall about creating a book using Sharpies with kids. It will be released this November and guests will be the first to see the all new projects I created, and also get a signed copy when available. I’m so excited, I’ve spent thousands of hours in book stores, pouring over what others have created, and soon mine will be there too! Please join me for this special weekend, and get your creative juices stocked as well.


• View and download Art Retreat 2016 Flyer


Visit my PDF Shop to make a deposit



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