Spring Watercolor Flowers . . . and other smells.

Spring Watercolor Flowers

Spring Watercolor Flowers


Generally speaking I don’t think of the scent of flowers when I paint them. I just love painting them, especially these Spring Watercolor Flowers I painted for The Graphics Fairy membership.


Spring Watercolor Flowers


Of course, having been a florist I’m quite used to flowers without a strong smell. Particularly the refrigerated blooms. Daffodils manage to emit their sweetness refrigerated or not, along with certain colors of roses.


Are you familiar with Sterling Silver roses, the lavender with a grey tinge? My wholesaler would always set a bunch aside for me when they came in, I loved the so much. Not to sell, just to enjoy their lovely essence in the shop.


Spring Watercolor Flowers


Yes, flowers can have beautiful scents . . . but some can smell nearly rancid. If the leaves aren’t stripped from the stem below the water line – whoo boy, you might need a strong stomach. And bleach. Daisies are notorious for a horrific odor which amazes me since their buds are so bright and cheerful.


Anyway, I wanted to take a minute to get you caught up with my so-called Life, living with my grandson’s family near Sacramento. Besides getting to see Santino every day I’ve reconnected with  my best friend, Penny, from 30 years ago. We walk in a park twice a week then grab a bite to eat. Last weekend she had me (and my boston terrier) spend the night.




After living with 3 children for a couple of months, my short respite at Penny’s was so enjoyable. We talk and talk and talk, play Scrabble, and talk some more.


Thirty years is a lot of time to catch up on!


I don’t believe she reads my blog, but then, I haven’t written much in the past couple of years. Something I intend on changing . . . starting today.


Spring Watercolor Flowers


I really haven’t felt much like writing since my mother passed in October 2014, which is odd because we shared stories and laughed daily. At any rate, since today we’re talking about smells and odors I have a couple anecdotes.


One day I told my mom there was a horrific smell in the car. I had the neighbor check under the hood, fearing a mouse or squirrel perished inside. But it was more in the interior. When Mom smelled it she was ready to make an appointment for detailing – using money I didn’t want to spend (not on a car smell). Instead I bought some Febreze spray and sprayed the daylights out of that car. Did it work?


Um, no.


Finally I started emptying everything out of the back of the car. Ev.ry.thing. There were a bunch of plastic shopping bags that I grabbed but one felt particularly heavy. I peaked inside and nearly keeled over from the smell. Inside were two tubs of Safeway deli soup from whoknowshowlong.


Have you ever gone thru a drive-thru and when you got home realized part of you order was missing? Yeah, well something like that with grocery store that used to drive me crazy with poor customer service and empty shelves.


So that particular day that I purchased two tubs of deli soup weren’t in my shopping bags when I got home. Or so I thought. In my haste to judge, I assumed the checker missed that bag and I went charging back to the store and they – quite politely – gave me two more soups.




Name that TV show.


The second stinky happened much more recently, here at Tino’s house. All three bedrooms are at the back and when I walked down the hall a waft of yuckiness hit me. I presumed it was a wet towel hiding under a pile of other towels and kids’ paraphernalia.


Exactly the same way my kids did 20 years ago. Sigh


I mentioned it to Tino’s mom and she started the investigation. It didn’t take long to find the offensive odor. A while back Tino’s stepdad had a sore back and, in lieu of ice, Mom gave him a bag of frozen broccoli.


A while back.


Quite a while back judging the stench.


Along with Sterling Silver roses, freesia are another of my faves. ahhh. Which flowers are your favorites, in terms of scent?


Spring Watercolor FlowersIf you’d enjoy having the full Spring Watercolor Flower kit, including all kinds of extra goodies, head over to The Graphics Fairy and join their membership! Every week the membership receives exclusive deals and Photoshop Element lessons. I absolutely love it.


And I love being able to contribute too.





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