Very Berry Pies

PiesMy artroom turned into a bakery this afternoon. This was a simple idea that the kids just took and ran with.


1. Students mixed even amounts of bisque and terra cotta colored Model Magic to make a nice golden colored crust. A round ball was shaped and then pressed on the table to make a flat circle about 4″ wide.


2. The “pastry” was pressed into a very trimmed down clear plastic cup that had just about 1/2″ side to it. The extra was trimmed with a scissors.


3. Students rolled very small balls, or berries, out of red or blue Model Magic and filled their pies.


4. The extra crust was rolled and / or cut to make the lattice work on top.


6. White “whipped cream” was added on top as desired. Cherries on top added extra bits of lovely color.


7. I sprayed the creations with Mod Podge spray. It keeps the art from cracking for a few months or so, and adds a bit of a shine too.


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