Faux Chenille Owl

This makes a very cute pillow, and is also a good simple sewing project for young girls OR boys.


Owl 1

    1. Supplies: Six fat quarters, two wooden buttons

Owl 2


2. Spread out and stack all pieces of fabric. Cut to make a square.


Owl 4


3. Stitch diagonal rows about a ruler width apart.


Owl 5


4. Cut out owl body shape following measurements shown.


Owl 6


5. Fold owl body shape and stitch on short end.


Owl 7


6. Turn inside out and sew across bottom as shown.


Owl 8


7. Sew corner as shown to owl bottom dimension.


Repeat for other corner.


Owl 9


8. Turn right side out.


IMPORTANT: Wash and dry owl on high (hot) settings.


The faux chenille texture with happen in the dryer.


Owl 10


9. Stuff owl with batting.


Owl 11


10. Fold over top and hand sew closed.


Owl 12


11. Sew wooden eyes in place as shown.


Owl 13


12. Cut a triangle and hand sew in place.


Owl Final


Your done! Enjoy your owl!










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