The Art Retreat 3 Weeks Away!

Retreat 2016If you like the sound of an intimate art retreat at an historic B&B by a soon-to-be published author / teacher, then this is for you…


Plans are now in place for my 3rd Annual Art Retreat in Hickory Valley, TN this summer. Years ago I met Regina from Whitney Hill Estates through my sister who lives nearby, and knew instantly that her amazingly restored B&B would be the perfect location for an artsy weekend. I can promise you that her home is even lovelier that the photos show, and the food is even tastier than you could imagine, and her southern charm totally lives up to it’s reputation. Add to that a chance to learn about my top ten projects of the year, and you have the makings of a special retreat. Click on the image to make a deposit to save your space, only 10 are available.


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Ceramic Tea Cups

Here’s one of my favorite projects that is in my friend Jenni Ward’s new ebook, “Create with Clay 3″. When I think of all the possible variations you could try with these, it makes my head hurt, but in a totally good way. The book with detailed written instructions will be posted before the weekend is over.


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Summer Break 2And with the stroke of the clock, and the emptying of a room, a new schedule begins. This time I get to choose more of what my days will look like, in both cleaning up from the past, and preparing for the fall. I love this time of year as I get to do all those extra creative ideas that I had in busy times, but I didn’t have time to do. Or time to do them right.


Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be preparing for the fall release of my new Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids book, my 3rd annual Whitney Hills Art Retreat and adding new murals and ebooks to my PDF Shop. I’d love to hear if anyone has any requests. I cannot promise to take special single orders, but if I find there is a lot of interest in one area, that helps me know what parents and teachers are looking for. Happy summer weekend everyone!









Sprinkles Ceramic Glaze

Ceramic GlazesOn my list of new things to do for the next school year is to work more ceramic projects into my curriculum. I experimented a little this spring with some new glazes and found this “Sprinkles” line from Duncan, which I love. This is Cobalt Blue, and there are many more, all with some very pretty little flecks of color. I’ve long since noticed that beginner students do better painting with just one color, so why not make it extra fun for them?

Model Magic Worms

WormsI’m going to try these little worms tomorrow in my last Model Magic class for the year. I have so many pre-K and kinders that I’m trying to keep the projects simple, without loosing out on the cute factor. Students will need to roll lots of balls, trying to make them consecutively smaller before attaching together. The antennae are made from Twistee wires.


I found this idea under cake decorations on Pinterest, which is where I’m getting the most inspiration for my classes. A tip on making the worms stick to the board is to smash a little bit of Model Magic on it first, and then pressing the worms on top. The stuff just loves to stick to itself.

Metal Tooling Mask

Foil MaskStudents made mini masks (about 7″ tall) in my last metal tooling class, and this 1st grader did an exceptional job. I had students first draw a large face with a water base marker, which could be easily wiped away if necessary. Whey they liked the face, they put a piece of felt underneath and then traced the lines with a pencil, pressing as hard as they could. Lots of patterns were added as well. Lastly, all the areas were colored with brush Sharpie markers, which are great for doing detailed work like this.