Visual Art Instructions

Cardinal diagramMy experiment in diagramming art instructions. Maybe visual projects need visual instructions? It would be interesting to truly test different approaches and see which gets the better overall comprehension.


Kinder Trees

Kinder TreeKinders are learning about trees at my school, so I created this lesson that lets them paint one, roots and all.

PREP: Draw and cut a trunk stencil as shown out of chip board, one for each student.

  1. Students trace the trunk stencil with a pencil. The ground line and tree top are added.
  2. All of the drawing is traced with a black Sharpie marker.
  3. The roots are colored with a white crayon.
  4. The ground is painted with brown watercolor, the trees with green and the sky blue.

Michelle Maccarone Profiled in Bloomberg

Michelle Maccarone is the subject of a profile in Bloomberg this week, noting her reputation for support of challenging and forward-thinking young artists.  “When times were chaotic financially, it was still worth it,” says the artist Nate Lowman, who’s been represented by Maccarone since 2003. “It’s the richest experience I’ve ever had. She loves art, […]