Ceramic Flying Pig

This flying pig is just one of the five ceramic projects in Jenni Ward’s “Create with Clay 3” ebook. For her instructions, just purchase and download the book for $5.


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Faux Chenille Owl

This makes a very cute pillow, and is also a good simple sewing project for young girls OR boys.


Owl 1

    1. Supplies: Six fat quarters, two wooden buttons

Owl 2


2. Spread out and stack all pieces of fabric. Cut to make a square.


Owl 4


3. Stitch diagonal rows about a ruler width apart.


Owl 5


4. Cut out owl body shape following measurements shown.


Owl 6


5. Fold owl body shape and stitch on short end.


Owl 7


6. Turn inside out and sew across bottom as shown.


Owl 8


7. Sew corner as shown to owl bottom dimension.


Repeat for other corner.


Owl 9


8. Turn right side out.


IMPORTANT: Wash and dry owl on high (hot) settings.


The faux chenille texture with happen in the dryer.


Owl 10


9. Stuff owl with batting.


Owl 11


10. Fold over top and hand sew closed.


Owl 12


11. Sew wooden eyes in place as shown.


Owl 13


12. Cut a triangle and hand sew in place.


Owl Final


Your done! Enjoy your owl!









Chenille Bag

I hope there are some campers or beginner sewers out there who might be looking for a simple sewing project. It’s a fun way to create your own kind of textured fabric.


Bag 1


SUPPLIES: 18″ woven strap, 4 Fat Quarters of COTTON fabric., ruler.


Bag 2

    1. Layer all four fabric sections and press.

Bag 3


2. Cut rectangle in half. Stack one set on top of the other so that you have eight layers total.




Bag 5


3. Fold corner over to create a 45 degree angle. Crease and trace line.


Bag 4


4. Use pencil and width of ruler to continue diagonal lines until complete.


Bag 6


5. Stitch over lines through all layers.


Bag 7


6. Use ruler to make another set of lines in between.


Bag 8


7. Stitch over the new lines.


Bag 9


8. Cut edges straight to make clean rectangle.


Bag 10


9. Cut through top 7 layers, keep bottom one intact.


Bag 11


10. Use ruler to help stitch line around the entire edge.


Bag 12


11. Cut rectangle in half. Stitch edge to keep rows laying flat.


Bag 13


12. Cut straps to desired length and stitch one to each side.


Bag 14


13. Stitch three sides together.


Bag 15


14. Throw bag in a hot wash and hot dryer cycle. The cotton will shrink and


fold up to make a very cool looking chenille texture.





Chenille Bag Pinterest











Haiti Fundraiser

iphoneDuring my travels to Haiti a few years ago, I met some truly selfless people whom I have felt compelled to keep working with and see what I can do to support. Winter is one such example, an amazing man who does his best to run a school for some of the poorest kids in Haiti, even to the extent of convincing nine teachers to come and work basically for free. I’m excited to try a new fundraiser for him and his school, Rajepre, one that I think is a win / win for everyone. I found a company called Zazzle that allows you to create all kinds of custom order products with your own art. I’ve started a store that I will continue to add products too, but meanwhile, here’s a pretty cool introduction, a Pierre Maxo iPhone 6 case. It costs $49.95, with a royalty of $2.50 from every sale that will go to Winter’s school fund. Customers get a colorful, original phone case AND help a good cause. It doesn’t get much better than that!


• View and order Pierre Maxo iPhone 6 Case